The Pelvic Floor
November 1 - November 29, 2014

Opening Reception
Saturday November 1st

There's a lot of talk about the sharing economy these days. There's AirBnB, different ways to rent out your car and bike, even Tindr are all ways to share. And it feels good to share and to give of yourself. "In the sharing economy, commerce feels almost secondary to the human connection that undergirds the entire experience," a journalist in Wired magazine writes. But it's not so hard to cut through this pablum and figure out that if you scramble the letters the sharing economy starts to spell out something more like the DESPERATION economy and ALL OUT OF OPTIONS. With fewer and fewer places to go, one turns back on oneself and tries to monetize it, and bring it to market. Privatization marches on. Formerly nationalized resources, of course, have already fallen to corporate rule. The field is simply closing in now on what you have. How far we've come from the commons--an open space where one took what one needed. Now we've reached its inverted state--we might call it the privates--and we're forced to put out under duress. In this situation is it any wonder that Cara Benedetto and Davida Nemeroff have decided to focus on the casino and the idea of the gamble as the framing structure for their exhibition? Take everything you have and pick a number. 32 red.

-Alex Kitnick